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Straight Jackets Gothic and custom made clothing

Monkey Dungeon Clothing and Straight Jackets

We design and manufacture goth and cutting edge alternative style clothes, especially straight jackets (straitjackets). Monkey Dungeon straight jackets have been seen in Hollywood movies including Clown Hunt and When in Rome. Our straight jackets have appeared on SNL, Gotham, Z Nation, MSNBC's Mad Money, General Hospital, Heroes, and Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They have been used in fine art pieces and at Holloween Horror Nights. They've been rocked by bands such as Disturbed, Lil' Wayne, and Slipknot. They are used in haunted houses, seen in Italian Vogue and used by professional escape artists around the world. Find us n facebook!

Straight Jackets 

straitjacketmagic straight jackethoudini magician's straight jacketStraight Jacket



Multi Layer Cuff Sets



Custom Lockable Bondage Collar (C-22) $67.99

Leather &








Mouth Gags

mouth gags





rolled steel choker

leather choker




HEAVY FLOGGERLeather Impressions 12 Inch Slapper



Heavy Duty Machines

Mini Stallion Fucking Machine
Product OG100-Mini






Vibrating Toys

vibrating sex toys

Corset Purse - Black or Pink

Personal Lubricants

gun oil

Lingerie and clothing


Strap-Ons and Harnesses



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Please feel free to contact us at performancejackets@hotmail.com o r call Trick @ (912)604-1435 if you have any questions or would like to place an order over the phone with a credit card.




Kama Glass Dildo

Nipple Toys

nipple toys




Electrosex gear

electrosex gear






clown fiction pulp


Goth and Steampunk Pendants


Jackets & Vests




Wholesale Cuffs

wholesale leather choker display

Cock and Ball Torture items

cock and ball torture








goth buckles