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We are having some difficulty with the paypal buttons on this page at the moment. Please email if you would like to purchase one of these itews. Thanks


These jackets are already made and ready to ship. There is no expedite fee to have them shipped out right away. These are new jackets we have on hand because either someone changed their order after the jacket was made, jackets that have options that were not needed, or may have small stains or other minor issues. All issues, options, and sizes will be clearly listed. We can make the straight jackets on this page in other sizes, colors, etc. but the price will be higher if the jacket is discounted on this page. You may be able to add options to these jackets at an additional cost. Please inquire if needed. There is only one of each of these jackets unless otherwise indicated.


Size Chart and shipping info click here!

Straight Jacket Clown Outfit

Great for haunted house clowns. This set was custom made for someone that didn't realize clown pants are baggy.

What? I know right.

Anyway you can now get this set for a great price. Made with heavy weight canvas and sewn with super strong upholstery thread this outfit will last! The pants are made with a drawstring and loops on the top to attach to suspenders and will fit up to a 44" waist. The top is made to fit a 36" chest. You can purchase the top, the bottom or both. If you like the set butdon't think it'll fit let us know and we can make you a new set (It'll cost a little more). Pants legs are the same length even though the picture makes it look uneven. Straps on the jacket are suede leather. Sleeves are left open with straps hanging off the ends.I only have one set at this disounted price.





XL Ultimate straight jacket

- Natural canvas with 6 rust colored suede straps going down the back. Has a crotch strap and a sleeve strap. Raised collar, parallel rivets. A front chest loop can be added for $10. Other options can also be added to this jacket or it can be sent out as made. Discounted to $279



Large Black Classic with lots of extras!


Strandard 10oz. black canvas- Has raised collar and buckle/strap, bicep buckle/straps, extra crotch strap, and a front strap with buckle. LOTS of EXTRAS and all for less than the regular cost of a classic.



XL Magician's latigo leather strap straight Jacket $239

This jacket has 5 latigo leather straps going down the back. It is gimmicked with a sliding strap for magicians but we can easily rivet the strap into place so that it does not slide for no additional cost, just let us know at the time of purchase. Other options can be added. This style jacket normally comes with 6 straps on the back and the additional strap can be put on if needed(+$20)This jacket does not have a front chest strap which can also be added if needed.(+$15)

Size Medium All black Guardian straight jacket

Discounted to $289


Has all 6 of the straps to attach to a leg piece but if you are not getting a leg piece we can modify it before we ship it outat no extra charge. Has 6 buckles going down the front as well as a sleeve strap and a front chest loop. Since this is made to attach to a leg peice the two crotch straps are not angled but hang straight down. This can be modified for +$15 or left as made.



Large Classic/Houdini


This jacket is sort of a combination of our classic straight jacket and the Houdini straight jacket. It has bomber brown leather trim. Has 5 tension buckle straps going down the back. Has side loops and a front chest strap loop for the sleeves to go through. Includes a crotch strap and sleeve strap.



XL Brown suede leather strap jacket raised collar - small stains


This jacket has some small stains in a few spots. You might be able to see one on the left shoulder in the pic.

Would be great for those wanting a Halloween straight jacket to discolor. Natural colored canvas standard 10 oz.


Large Distressed Suede leather strap straight jacket


5 Suede leather straps going down the back, crotch strap and sleeve strap. Standard 10 oz. canvas. Distressed for Halloween costume use. Distressing has a backing and stitched around the holes in order to keep the holes from spreading. Does not have grommets in the straps but those can be added for+$35





3XL Rust colored suede straps -14oz canvas

Discounted to $165

LIke the one pictured above except it's not distressed. Also does not have grommets in the straps but those can be added for+$35